UK Bioscience Consultants' clients include many of the leading UK universities and medical institutes, and companies in the UK, Europe, Israel and the USA.

UKBC's clients have included public sector organisations, investors, patent attorneys and biotech/med tech companies.

Recent examples of public sector clients:
King's College London
The Institute of Cancer Research
Enterprise Ireland
Queen Mary Innovations Ltd
UCL Business Ltd
NHS Innovations London
Institute of Child Health
Aberystwyth University
Swansea University

Recent examples of private sector clients:
SPS Healthcare (UK)
NCE Discovery (UK)
AAI Oncology (France)
DSM biologicals (Germany)
Pentraxin Ltd (UK)
Hanita Lenses (israel)
Biobide (Spain)
Protein'Expert (France)
Lab 21 Ltd (UK)
Replizyme Ltd (UK)
RioTech Pharmaceuticals Ltd (UK)
Amphastar (USA)

Testimonials supplied on request.