UK Bioscience Consultants Ltd - expert consultancy for commercialisation of healthcare, biotech and pharmaceutical technologies and products

UK Bioscience Consultants was founded in 2001 by Dr Vivienne Cox to support the commercial development of technologies in the healthcare, biotechnology and pharmaceutical sector, providing technical and commercial analysis, market research, key opinion-leader interviews and commercial negotiations. Business development support is provided for market-ready products, technologies or specialist services.

Public sector clients:

Academic - technology transfer offices, university seed funds, scientists
Medical - NHS Hubs, Hospital R&D management, medical institutes
Government - regional development agencies and networking organisations

Private sector clients:
Early stage - Inventors, entrepreneurs and start-up companies
Companies - biotechnology, pharmaceutical and medical device companies
Investors - seed funds, private and institutional investors

UK Bioscience Consultants Ltd

Kent, UK
+44 (0)1732 866372